Titus O’Neil Is Celebrity Dad Of The Year, And Batista Thinks WWE Ought To Use Him Better

A while back, we brought you the news that Titus O’Neil was up for the Everything for Dads “Celebrity Dad of the Year” award. Of course, he was up against celebs non-wrestling fans might actually recognize, like Stephen Amell, David Beckham and Vin Diesel, so most of us didn’t expect him to win. Well, I guess we were wrong to doubt because he pulled off the upset and beat millions of fathers, millions of fathers, millions of fathers to officially become Dad of the Year.

Titus made a mini acceptance speech on Twitter and thanked his supporters…

While he didn’t mention him, one of Titus’ long-time supporters has been Batista. He and Titus were friends before wrestling, and, in fact, it was Batista who encouraged Titus to try out for WWE. Batista congratulated Titus, but then took WWE to task for not utilizing him properly.

Here’s what Batista’s full tweet said…

WWE: “@TitusONeilWWE you’re everything a WWE star should be! Get out there and represent our company!! ” Titus: “Then why don’t you give me a push?’ WWE: “Sorry there’s nothing for you creatively” #sameoldbullshit

There’s no denying Titus hasn’t been used to his full potential. Sure, he’s not that great in the ring, but as Batista knows very well, that isn’t always the most important thing. At this point, I’m just hoping Titus and Darren Young are allowed to escape the backstage promo closet sometime before the end of summer.

via SEScoops