Check Out WWE’s Awkward New Titus O’Neil Anti-Smoking PSA

First of all, yes — despite the thumbnail and hashtag the above video is totally 100 percent safe for work. Don’t worry, we had the same reservations.

WWE has a history of giving us some weird and wonderful PSAs. Whether it’s The Undertaker telling us that if we do drugs we’ll totally die for real, Nikki Bella giving us some pretty specific and niche reasons not to smoke, or teaching us about the very real and very dangerous risks of Snickers deficiency and gender-coded advertising, they’re out here just trying to make the world a better place.

If there’s one thing WWE loves more than humiliating a Hart, it’s reinforcing their strong anti-smoking stance. Here, they get to kill two birds with one stone in an incredibly awkward PSA for truth, a national anti-tobacco campaign. In a failed opportunity to cast R-Truth as a reformed canonical smoker, this is part of truth’s #FinishIt adverts, which endeavors to make this the last generation of new smokers. The commercial shows how a returning Titus O’Neil is just so good at finishing things now that he’s finished his suspension for getting handsy with his boss on WWE Raw. He finishes Natalya’s books, her sentences, her selfies, even her hairspray. Get it? He’s bald and doesn’t need hairspray. SHENANIGANS!

Stay tuned for our in-depth news follow-up on Titus O’neil being suspended another 30 days for not shouting, “SPOILER ALERT!”