Titus O’Neil Is Being Sued For $1.2 Million For Kicking A Cameraman

05.07.17 11 months ago 15 Comments

Man, Titus O’Neil simply cannot catch a break, can he? A little more than a year ago, O’Neil playfully grabbed Vince McMahon’s arm following Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech, earning himself a suspension for the incident and has been repeatedly humiliated on live TV ever since. (Remember that time the New Day did a callback to O’Neil’s keg-carry tumble earlier this year? Yeah, not pretty.)

Earlier this week, O’Neil continued the dismantling of kayfabe by posting (and then deleting) a picture of blood enemies Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns doing touristy stuff in Rome, and odds are, folks behind the scenes are none too happy with that.

O’Neil’s bad luck continues with the news that he is being sued by a cameraman for the WWE Network show Swerved. According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Donald Anderson was filming a scene for an episode of Swerved in which Titus O’Neil was electrically shocked as a prank. Allegedly, O’Neil kicked the camera out of Anderson’s hand.

The cameraman claims he suffered significant injuries to his hand, wrist and fingers, and is seeking a whopping $1.2 million in damages. It’s unclear whether Anderson was an actual WWE employee or an employee of Gorilla Flicks, the production company responsible for creating and developing Swerved. Hopefully, though, O’Neil can make it a win and get the lawsuit thrown out.

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