Titus O’Neil Still Doesn’t Know Why WWE Suspended Him

10.17.17 1 year ago 9 Comments

The WWE career of Titus O’Neil started back when we first him on the original NXT show earlier in the decade, then he had a successful run with Darren Young as the Prime Time Players leading to some tag team gold and now he’s currently in the position of wrestler/manager trying to get his “Titus Worldwide” brand over.

In addition to that, O’Neil is one of the most visible WWE superstars in terms of doing interviews and representing WWE publicly. Don’t forget that he was the Celebrity Dad of the Year too!

O’Neil recently appeared on the Lilian Garcia podcast where he covered his career as a wrestler, his relationship with his mother and public speaking. O’Neil also was asked about his 2016 suspension that led to him sitting at home for 60 days without pay.

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