TNA Finally Has A Court Date For Their Lawsuit Against Scott Steiner For… Being Scott Steiner

TNA is finally getting their day in court after getting verbally Steinerized by Scott Steiner. TNA is currently suing their former employee for trash-talking Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard, Brooke and Hulk Hogan (they…should maybe let that one slide).

TNA initially went after Steiner in 2012 after he made disparaging remarks about the company and its employees, supposedly breaching his contract. They are seeking damages and an injunction against Steiner… being Scott Steiner… in the future.

Via PWInsider:

In responding to TNA’s suit against him, Steiner denied that he ever agreed to not disparage the company, that speaking out against it would breach his deal, that he was involved in a “concerted effort to disparage” the company and its officers, that he ignored requests to stop, that he is in a legal and binding agreement with TNA and that TNA has suffered damages as a result of his actions.

Steiner has stated his TNA deal expired and while he was offered a new contract, he opted to turn it down and never executed the deal.

The disparaging remarks mostly came from an epic 10-day expletive-laden Twitter rant, wherein Steiner referred to TNA as ‘bush league,’ and accused Hogan and Bischoff of trying to be too controlling with their employees:

When these assholes got control, they tried to take over everybody’s Twitter page. Everybody refused to sign over Twitter, so every week, you get an email begging you to Twitter what they want.

Steiner also didn’t appreciate the indignity of the catering situation:

Not sure how Prichard, Hogan and Bitchoff convinced Dixie to turn her back on the people who built up TNA. They cut the money for catering and we started using paper plates and plastic. F*cking crazy!!!!

PLATEGATE will kick off in a Nashville courtroom on Feb. 11, 2016. Oh man, my kingdom* for the courtroom sketches of Scott Steiner.

*some wrestling posters and a $15 chair I bought on Craigslist