Alberto Del Rio Is At The Impact Wrestling Tapings In Orlando

This could end up being an important, and possibly even pivotal week for the future of Impact Wrestling. They are set to begin their March tapings on Thursday night, which will be their first set of tapings under a completely new (albeit not new to the company) group of creative masterminds since the sale of TNA to Anthem. Of course, it also comes just days after Drew Galloway left the company, and was followed by Matt and Jeff Hardy. And Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis. And Jade.

But it looks like Impact is not resting on its laurels and is trying to shore up its roster. The tapings are set to feature Cody Rhodes (although for just one night this time around), and it looks like there might be another familiar face making his way to Impact: Alberto Del Rio.

Before the tapings began on Thursday, Anthem Sports executive vice president Ed Nordholm tweeted out an image of Del Rio and new head of creative Jeff Jarrett palling it up together in the ring.

Del Rio has, of course, been working the international indies since leaving WWE last year. He isn’t ever expected to go back to Lucha Underground after he returned to WWE following Season One, and although there has been reported interest from TNA both times Del Rio has been a free agent, he has never worked for Impact.

Perhaps that will all change during this set of tapings. Now you may begin debating what Del Rio’s Impact Wrestling name will be. My guess? Either Bert De La Playa, or Zaxxon Braxmun.