TNA’s Head Writer Has Left The Company To Focus On ‘Personal Branding’

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11.05.16 9 Comments


TNA is having a real rough go of things these days. You know that, of course. Impact Wrestling is being sued by everyone under the sun, they’ve lost one of their most lucrative television contracts, and they’re engaged in a public power struggle/weird spat between their new owners and Billy Corgan. And now, although they’re set up with their television episodes through the end of the year, they’ll have to enter 2017 down one key creative member.

On Friday, Dave Lagana announced on Medium that he was leaving TNA. Lagana had been serving as Senior Director of Creative Writing and along with Jeremy Borash, he was one of the two main creative forces behind Impact Wrestling.

Lagana got his start in television by writing for Friends, but moved into the world of wrestling when he got hired by WWE in 2003. He stayed with WWE for several years and then began working with Ring of Honor as their head writer. He also helped out with Championship Wrestling From Hollywood when they were still affiliated with the NWA in 2010 before moving to TNA, where he has been since 2011.

Here is the full announcement Lagana posted on Medium.

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