Jeff Jarrett Has Returned To TNA As An Executive Consultant

UPDATE: Jarrett confirmed to Pro Wrestling Sheet that he is officially back with TNA as an Executive Consultant.

On Wednesday, Anthem Sports officially announced that they have acquired Impact Wrestling, something we already knew about for some time. But after the Billy Corgan lawsuit and the brief threat of having to sell off the tape library or maybe even go under for good, the television tapings are firing up this week, and are planned to take the company all the way through March.

As part of that official announcement, Anthem stated that Dixie Carter would be resigning from her position as Chairman of Impact Ventures and will now be taking a seat on Fight Network’s Advisory Board. She will still retain a minority equity stake in the company, but her position of being in power is officially over. On Thursday, PWInsider reported that Jeff Jarrett will be rejoining TNA, a company that he helped co-found. According to PWI’s source, there was “no way” Dixie would have approved bringing Jarrett back in, so this really is a wholesale regime change.

There were reports in December of TNA being interested in reuniting with Jarrett, and after head writer Dave Lagana left, it makes sense the company would want to stock some proven brains for the creative department. Jarrett is also said to be bringing back Dutch Mantel, AKA Zeb Colter, who was one of Jarrett’s right-hand men during much of his first tenure with TNA. Jarrett and Mantel will both reportedly be in attendance for this week’s TNA tapings.

Jarrett has no intention of folding his other venture, Global Force Wrestling, and is still actively trying to find a home for the episodes that he taped some time ago.