Matt Hardy Has Officially DELETED Himself From Impact Wrestling

In the matter of a few days, Impact Wrestling has seen some of its biggest stars make official splits from the company. First Drew Galloway announced his departure after opting not to re-sign. Then a bevy of reports came out saying Matt and Jeff Hardy were all but done with TNA after feeling “disrespected” during contract negotiations.

On Monday night, Matt Hardy announced via Twitter that he was officially moving on from Impact Wrestling, where he and his brother Jeff are the current tag team champions.

These tweets mean that Jeff is likely a done deal as well, and that also likely means that the entire Broken brood of Reby Sky, SeƱor Benjamin and Maxel (a baby) are done with Impact as well. To say nothing of their hard-drinking drone that grants them teleportation abilities. Man, wrestling has gotten awesome.

There’s currently some confusion over whether Matt would be able to bring his “Broken” character with him wherever he winds up, but it’s also interesting to note that the Hardys do not have a non-compete clause, so they’re free to turn up anywhere after this week. They could continue to make a killing on the indies, or they could return to WWE, which has heavy interest in them but may not allow them the creative control they desire.

Jim Ross believes that Galloway and the Hardys will be just the first of a wave of Impact Wrestling defectors. It’s possible that the road to WrestleMania just got even more interesting.