TNA Has Now Been Sued For Unpaid Credit Card Travel Charges

10.19.16 2 years ago 5 Comments


If you haven’t noticed by now, things are going super well for TNA (aka Impact Wrestling). The company is up for sale and is millions of dollars in debt with no clear way out. Rather than finding a buyer or selling to WWE on an early offer, the company has been sued by its own president and potential buyer, gotten a lien placed on it by the state of Tennessee, and reportedly kept their talent in the dark, while some top names have threatened to walk if they don’t receive this month’s paychecks. Or, perhaps all of this information has been fabricated from whole cloth! Both explanations are probably equally likely.

Ready for more bad news? Strap in, astronauts. As reported by Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNA has been hit with another lawsuit over the past summer, which has just now been unearthed. American Express Travel Related Services Company has sued TNA for unpaid travel bills. American Express claims the company racked up over a quarter of a million dollars in travel expenses on company credit cards and never paid them.

The claim is that the company agreed to payments on the receipt of monthly billing statements as well as to pay court costs if the case went to court. It claimed the agreement included that the defendants were to pay all reasonable costs when it came to American Express collecting the money owed, including finance charges and delinquency frees.

The lawsuit asked for payment of the $269,049.50 as well all legal costs for having to go to court and rectify the bill.

Not the greatest look in the world when you’re already owing millions to several other companies and are actively trying to get a good deal — any deal — on whatever cachet or value your wrestling promotion has remaining. There’s a chance this could still get worse before it’s all over. May god have mercy on our souls.

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