Three Wrestlers Have Parted Ways With TNA In The Past Week

Once Total Nonstop Deletion airs this week, that is pretty much a wrap on new TNA programming for the remainder of the year. When 2017 kicks off, Impact Wrestling will have new owners and in all likelihood look and feel a bit different … unless nothing at all changes! But there have been some roster changes already and there will likely be more … including some wrestlers who are planning to retire next year.

Over the past few days, three different wrestlers — including a former X Division Champion — have used Twitter to make people aware that they’re through with the company, although the first wrestler to do so was as nonchalant and under-the-radar as possible.

That’s Baron Dax, more or less announcing that he and his Tribunal partner, Basile Baraka, are no longer with TNA. If you’re unfamiliar with The Tribunal, they were formerly known as Marcus Louis and Sylvestor LeFort, respectively in NXT. They left NXT back in February and signed with TNA shortly thereafter. Their final appearance on TNA was last week, when they lost a strap match to Al Snow and Mahabali Shera.

Tigre Uno is also done with the company, but he made his official announcement in a bit more of a straightforward and grateful fashion.

Uno will once again go by Xtreme Tiger, the name he went by in AAA from 2006 to 2013. He left AAA in November of 2013 and joined TNA in December of that year, where he has wrestled more-or-less exclusively ever since. He captured the X Division Championship in June of 2015.