TNA Is Hitting Back At Cancellation Rumors

On Wednesday, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that Destination America had cancelled Impact Wrestling. He continued to say that cancellation rumors would be addressed with TNA talent at the next set of TV tapings at the end of June. When we contacted our sources within TNA, they themselves had not been notified of any cancellation plans, and neither Destination America nor TNA has moved to confirm the report.

Not only are they not confirming the rumor, they have issued the following statement to

It has come to our attention that several internet news sources have falsely attributed statements to TNA, its executives and broadcasting partner. These false statements constitute defamation and if necessary we will seek all legal remedies available to us.

Dixie Carter hasn’t tweeted about this as of yet, but new creative lead Billy Corgan insists that Meltzer is being worked:

I’m not sure who would be running an “angle,” but at lest he’s saying something. The fact is that TNA has had enough past issues with transparency (hi, Vince Russo’s most recent tenure!), and while Meltzer is highly respected within the wrestling world, he’s been wrong in his details before, including those that could have been easily confirmed by directly contacting those involved. As of right now, Impact Wrestling is moving forward, Destination America’s not talking, and Meltzer is standing by his story.

Of course, none of this is being helped by new reports claiming that Dixie Carter accidentally copied the President of Destination America on an email referring to him and other executives as “dummies.” The hosts of the Voices of Wrestling podcast claim to have been sent a screenshot of said email, but no further proof has been posted.