Bobby Lashley Says TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV Will Happen, But ‘It’s Not Really A Big Deal To Me’

09.30.16 1 year ago 7 Comments


No one knows what’s going to happen with TNA between now and Sunday, when they are supposed to present their latest pay-per-view, Bound for Glory. WWE of all entities may end up buying it, and they certainly have their eyes on some of the TNA talent. TNA President Billy Corgan and some of the talent have weighed in on the fact that Dixie Carter is desperately trying to sell the company, and all reports indicate that a sale needs to be completed by Friday if Bound for Glory is going to happen. Basically, it’s chaos.

In a new interview with ESPN, the current TNA World Champion made some interesting comments about all the uncertainty that’s flying around at the moment. For what it’s worth, he expects that Bound for Glory will happen, as planned.

ESPN: Do you believe that Bound For Glory will happen on Sunday and that TNA will continue as a brand?

BL: “Yes, because one thing people don’t understand is that [current owner] Dixie [Carter] is not broke. She was never close to being broke. Her parents are billionaires so it’s not like they don’t have the money. They are just trying to make the right deal and that’s what we have known all along. I think it’s just one of those deals where this is business and it’s going to happen every year. For at least the past five or six years that I have known, around that end of the year point there’s always this, “Oh no, is TNA going to be sold? Is TNA going here? Is TNA going there?” And then next thing you know, bam, everything is fine and then we run again. And then the next year it’s the same question. I don’t know why it’s the same deal every year and it gets to that point. I think right now they are just trying to make the right deals with the right people. I know a lot of people have their hands in the pot and a lot of people are trying to pitch different things. Whenever the deal is done, it’s done.”

But Lashley also said that, PPV or no PPV, he’s just going to enjoy his trip to Florida. If he shows up and there’s no more TNA, well heck, he’ll find something to do.

“I went to check online to make sure my plane ticket was still good, and it was, so that’s all I know at this point. As far as I know, I’m supposed to be doing a match Sunday and if anything changes up until then, it’s no big deal. If anything changes, I’m still training for my fight [at Bellator 162]. I have training people lined up for me in Orlando for when I go. I have my boxing coach who is coming with me and I have a few people I am looking into sparring down there so I already put the heads up to those guys that if things don’t work out, I’ll just switch gears and drive down to Coconut Creek and I’ll go to [American Top Team] and do some work down there. So it’s not really a big deal to me.”

Lashley went on to stress that he likes wrestling and he’s happy and comfortable in TNA at the moment, but that’s certainly one of the more eyebrow-raising comments we’ve seen from someone yet regarding the sale. I’m sure the vast majority of the Impact Wrestling employees who aren’t the current world champion view the situation in a drastically different way.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled TNA sale watch.

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