TNA Producer Jeremy Borash Claims The Majority Of Impact Wrestling Rumors Are ‘Completely Fabricated’

Contributing Writer
10.17.16 7 Comments


We’re about to move into the second month of TNA sale rumors, and the company continues to plug along, although the situation is reportedly becoming more dire by the day. The president of Impact Wrestling is suing his own company and the debt is piling up. But one longtime TNA employee is now speaking out that you shouldn’t necessarily believe everything you hear.

On Friday’s episode of The Taz Show, Jeremy Borash — who has been with TNA since day one and has served as a producer, booker, backstage interviewer and the part of the brain trust behind both TNA’s British Boot Camp and the spectacularly popular Broken Matt Hardy segments — went on the record as saying the whole situation is “messed up” and that according to him, a lot of the info flying around about TNA and the sale is bunk.

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