TNA Producer Jeremy Borash Claims The Majority Of Impact Wrestling Rumors Are ‘Completely Fabricated’

We’re about to move into the second month of TNA sale rumors, and the company continues to plug along, although the situation is reportedly becoming more dire by the day. The president of Impact Wrestling is suing his own company and the debt is piling up. But one longtime TNA employee is now speaking out that you shouldn’t necessarily believe everything you hear.

On Friday’s episode of The Taz Show, Jeremy Borash — who has been with TNA since day one and has served as a producer, booker, backstage interviewer and the part of the brain trust behind both TNA’s British Boot Camp and the spectacularly popular Broken Matt Hardy segments — went on the record as saying the whole situation is “messed up” and that according to him, a lot of the info flying around about TNA and the sale is bunk.

“Well again, and this is just, you talk about wide view looking down, this, whatever came out yesterday. In the last seven days. In the last week-and-a-half. In the last month-and-a-half. We’re getting sold, our tape library is going to WWE, da-da-da-da-da, Lucha Underground is buying us. And, how many of those things that you’ve read about, have turned out to be true? We’re still here, we’re still producing a show, and as of last week, my checks have never been missed. So you know, it’s kinda one of those things where ‘Alright, there’s another thing that’s out. Is it all factual? Is it all speculation?’ I can tell you that there have been huge things that have been reported in the last two weeks. Completely fabricated by somebody. And, when you have those things out there, it really takes away from the narrative, which is the boys, which is the product, which is the storylines, which is the television show. You know, there is no other business in the world, I can tell you, I know first-hand. You go out into the real world, there is no other business where you have to go to work, and fear that every detail of what we are up to is going to be online, criticized, read. It’s messed up. It’s just the passion that the fans have. And, it’s the reality of the situation.”

Borash mentioning Lucha Underground is the first I’ve heard of that particular “rumor,” but it’s true there has been a lot of conflicting information flying around over the past weeks. I would also say that pro wrestling isn’t unique in the world of sports and entertainment that every little tidbit would get brought up and dissected and argued over, but pro wrestling fans are probably louder about doing so, on average.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that in with every new report, the situation in TNA continues to get more dire. Borash went on to say that morale in TNA is “great.” And you can definitely believe what he has to say. He works there!

(h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription)