TNA Wrestling Reportedly Made A Recent Strong Play To Sign Rey Mysterio

06.19.15 4 years ago 3 Comments

TNA Wrestling may not be on the most solid of ground lately, but that’s not stopping them from making plays for major ex-WWE stars, including Rey Mysterio.

According to the Wrestling Observer Dixie Carter and TNA Vice President John Gaburick met with Mysterio late last week. They offered him an open contract that would allow him to work wherever he wanted on his off days, while still building around him as one of their top stars. They also pushed that they could get his merchandise in stores and could help him get acting gigs, which seems like an odd tactic to take with the guy who just quit WWE. If Mysterio was thinking about merch and movies above all else, he probably would have stuck with the billion dollar multimedia company. Besides, Mysterio’s a Terminator now, and robots have no desire for t-shirts and direct-to-DVD acting gigs.

Again, this isn’t the first ex-WWE star TNA has tried to snag recently. They’ve reportedly gone after Edge, CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio, with none of them biting. Word from the Observer is that Mysterio isn’t feeling hungry, either, and will likely sign an official contract with Lucha Underground soon.

Man, I guess you have to make these offers if you still want to be seen as a player, but maybe it’s time for TNA to accept the era of guys chilling their heels in their company while on the outs with WWE. Perhaps focus on the quality of your product, so guys like Mysterio won’t treat going to TNA as the equivalent of being sent to the wrestling leper colony.

via Wrestling Observer

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