To The Surprise Of No One, Vince Russo Publicly Made A Horrible, Transphobic Joke About Bruce Jenner

Much to the surprise of no one, former writer for the WWF, WCW, TNA, and noted unrepentant — sorry, outspoken — relic of the Attitude Era Vince Russo had a brilliant reaction to Bruce Jenner’s revelatory interview about his current transition. By brilliant, we of course mean, “Jeez, Vince. Really?”

Oh… okay.

Of course, when people called him out for his blatantly transphobic comments, he responded by blocking people, then making sure everyone who took offense knew that they’re uptight reactionary jerks with, of course, stuff rammed up their butts:


vince russo is garbage

Ah, the infamous “uptight morons who can’t take a joke” on a pole match. I’m pretty sure there’s one of those buried in the backlogs of those terrible Nitros that sunk the WCW ship. Though it’s nice to see that he has enough of a close, personal relationship with Bruce Jenner to know that his jabs would have tickled the fancy bone of someone already enduring daily abuse from the public.

Russo would later backpedal, though, not explicitly apologizing. (He almost kinda did directly to a trans follower patiently trying to explain how damaging “jokes” like this are, but you really have to search for it.)

vince russo is garbage2

So, at what point will we stop looking to the past for opinions and ideas about modern day issues and current professional wrestling? Soon, right? Like, we’re gonna stop letting people who were kind of important once hide their hateful, ignorant viewpoints behind the idea of “respecting veterans of the business” because they’re the ones who always know what they’re talking about? We’re gonna call them out on their toxic, regressive influences on a stunted industry that won’t move forward unless something changes, right?

I mean, if they don’t like it, maybe they should just lighten up a little.