Relive Tommaso Ciampa’s Betrayal Of Johnny Gargano With This Heartbreaking Video

NXT TakeOver: Chicago went out with one of the most intense and unexpected bangs we’ve seen in a long time. Best friends and underdog heroes Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa (otherwise known as #DIY, the most misnamed tag team of all time) saw their alliance come to an end with the assassination of Johnny Wrestling by the coward Psycho Killer.

Well, now that you’re finally almost over that heartbreaking betrayal, Redditor BatNorris is here with a tribute video that will make you soul-crushingly depressed about it all over again. BatNorris’ video tells the entire history of #DIY, and it is set to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” for maximum sorrow. Watch on if you can stand ALL OF THE EMOTIONS.

A partial list of things I forgot about (or didn’t realize) that this video brought back up:

  • Ciampa thought about using the bare knee strike during their CWC match, then decided against it
  • That decision cost him the match
  • He didn’t hesitate to use the bare knee strike when he revealed his true Psycho Killer self
  • Johnny saved Ciampa during the ladder match
  • Most of #DIY’s big losses had Johnny tapping out or taking the pinfall
  • You could see Ciampa contemplating the turn after losing in the CWC
  • This entire thing was perfect
  • Ciampa may not have read the back of their shirts until the night of NXT TakeOver: Chicago

One of the most comprehensive, complete, emotional stories WWE has told in years. Kudos to everyone involved, and a million thanks to the creator of this tribute, who is responsible for at least 50 percent of the sobbing I’ll do and chills I’ll feel today. (The other 50 percent will likely be from listening to the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Dear Evan Hansen.)