The Most Outrageous ‘Total Bellas’ Moments Of The Week

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10.12.17 3 Comments

Previously on Total Bellas: JJ installed a fart machine, the Bellas brought their mother and Daniel Bryan to tears, and everyone took a vacation in Sonoma (for a change) to officially launch the Bella Twins’ line of wines.

And now, the five most ridiculous, bizarre, and baffling moments of season two, episode six of Total Bellas.

A good viking middle name

This week’s episode opens up with Bryan and Brie putting together some more touches in the nursery, along with JJ. They talk about how Birdie still needs a middle name, and Bryan wants something to honor his Viking heritage, while Brie wants something to honor her Italian/Mexican heritage. JJ suggests “Burrito Joe Danielson,” which is awful and also one of the only good things JJ has ever done.

Later, Bryan springs for 23 and Me DNA tests for the whole fam, so everyone can find out their actual ethnic breakdowns. Bryan ends up being 98 percent Nordic, while Brie ends up being more Ashkenazi than Mexican. Brie starts exploring all of her different ethnicities, leaving no time for Bryan to check out his heritage, but then she throws him a surprise Viking party. It’s sweet!

I don’t really know what this accomplished, but Burrito Joe Danielson.

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