‘Total Bellas’ Season Finale Recap: Hey Baby, I Think I Wanna Marry Johnny Ace

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11.10.16 3 Comments

This season was only six episodes long! That’s a little shocking, but if I’m being honest, this was sort of the perfect length for this miniseries/spinoff/whatever. If you want to find our other Total Bellas coverage, check out the tag page. And you can find all things Total Divas right over here. So without further ado, let’s get down to business and recap the latest episode of the greatest television franchise known to man. The Bellas and their fellas!

We DON’T pick up where we left off last week, which was with Kathy at the doctor because she felt some lumps six weeks ago and hasn’t gotten checked out yet. Instead, we start in Arizona at Brie and Bryan’s house, two days before Johnny and Kathy’s wedding. Brie is packing, but she says Bryan is staying home, because his doctors don’t want him traveling or being around a lot of people right now, because he needs to decompress.

Everyone is sad Bryan can’t make it to the wedding. Even Josie!

Nikki calls from the breast cancer facility and that’s when I realize Brie hasn’t heard about this news yet. Nikki explains what’s happening. Brie can’t even believe all the stuff that’s going wrong right now.

Back in Florida, Nikki and Kathy go in for the results of an ultrasound. The doctor confirms what Kathy thought: it’s likely a bulge in her implant. There’s no mass, no cancer. Nikki says it’s beyond a relief. On with the wedding!

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