The Most Outrageous Moments From The Season Two Finale Of ‘Total Bellas’

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Previously, on Total Bellas: JJ and Lola renewed their wedding vows, Nikki got terrible news about her future as a professional wrestler, and Brie and Bryan decided against a home birth. Now it’s the season finale, and the only good part about that is Total Divas season seven starts next week.

And now, the most outrageous moments from season two, episode eight of Total Bellas.

The Person With The “I [Heart] Natalya” Sign

Look, I know WrestleMania attracts every type of wrestling fan literally in the entire world, but it cracks me up no end that Total Bellas included an insert shot of someone with a pro-Nattie sign during the extremely brief footage of the Smackdown women’s match at Mania. Good for them, seriously. The first WrestleMania I went to, I was like six rows from the last row of the upper deck, and someone in the very last row had a Finlay sign that they held up exclusively upside down. Always follow your bliss, everyone. Always.

John Cena’s Mother Had Never Seen Him Wrestle Live Before WrestleMania 33

Okay, sure, she’ll do Hefty bag commercials with the guy, but she won’t go watch him wrestle? SOME MOM. Mama Cena was in the front row for Cena and Nikki’s tag match, and if Nikki hadn’t figured out he was popping the question at that point, I don’t even know what to tell her.

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