‘Total Bellas’ Season Two Will Reportedly Flip The Script

05.09.17 12 months ago


We already know that the second season of Total Bellas is set to drop in September. (Which means that we’re looking at three-plus cold, barren months between Wednesday’s Total Divas season finale and Total Bellas‘ season premiere.) And while we assumed this upcoming season would focus on Brie Bella’s pregnancy, it turns out there’s a much stronger hook to the story.

If you’ll recall (it’s not hard to recall), the first season of Total Bellas featured Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan (among others) moving into John Cena’s home to assist Nikki Bella during her recovery from neck surgery. The big conflict in that season, of course, was John Cena being a complete crazy person about his house and his rules, a personality trait that was ruthlessly ethered by The Miz and Maryse on Smackdown before WrestleMania.

This time around, we’re getting a complete juxtaposition, as John and Nikki will move into Brie and Bryan’s house to assist with Brie’s pregnancy (according to PWInsider). We can only imagine the sort of wacky hijinks that Cena will get up to when living in a house that DOESN’T have a chandelier in every room. Will he suffer from chandelier withdrawal and need to be hospitalized? Maybe!

The Bellas! Their fellas! Season two, let’s get it on.

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