We May Know The New Cast Members For The Next Season Of ‘Total Divas’

06.09.17 10 months ago 8 Comments


Season six of Total Divas was a real mixed bag, but it gave us the new couples of Lana and Rusev and Miz and Maryse, so luckily it was easily able to retain its title of “best show on television.” In particular, the back half of the season was real weird, as Paige and Eva Marie got hit with suspensions and … whatever the hell else was going on there, and now it turns out there’s a very, very good chance the season six finale was Eva Marie’s anticlimactic farewell to the show, and to WWE.

If that’s the case, it sure seems like Total Divas has at least one spot to fill for any subsequent season, if not two. WELL WE’RE IN LUCK. Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that there will in fact be two new cast members on the currently-filming seventh season of the show, and if this report is at all accurate, these are very, very good names.

Raw’s own Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss are expected to be joining the cast, and that fills me with so much glee and delight that you don’t even know. I would have liked to see our dear beloved Alicia Fox get back in the mix, too, but THIS IS A REAL GOOD SUBSTITUTE. This means that next season, I’ll be able to get ample screencaps and GIFs of DAILY LIFE BLISSFACE. I can barely contain my joy.

Of course, we still have a second season of Total Bellas to get through first, but this looks like very, very, very good news, indeed.

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