Total Divas Post Match: The Ballad of Tahoe Tessie

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Previously on Total Divas, Paige and Lana had mega-drama on a big group trip to Lake Tahoe, while Naomi had a great time in Atlanta but can’t get her husband to consider leaving Pensacola.

But enough living in the past, let’s look at the complex social dynamics on display in Season 8 Episode 9 of Total Divas:

The Cast of Total Divas Versus Their Fears


In a not at all forced vacation-defining dinner conversation, Paige brings up the question of what each of the girls fears most. Nikki in particular latches on to that idea (it makes a pretty good unifying theme for an hour long reality show episode, after all) and decides that the girls should spend the rest of their Lake Tahoe trip facing and conquering their fears. Everyone admits something they’re afraid of, and then at least most of them have a moment by the episode’s end in which they overcome that fear or at least wrestle with it, so to speak. Naomi, who had a separate plot-line last week, arrives in Tahoe the next day by showing up in a separate boat when everyone else is already out in the middle of the lake, which is honestly pretty baller.

Natalya’s fear is heights, which is convenient because they’re already planning a parasailing trip for the next day. Nattie proclaims that she will absolutely not be parasailing, but of course once she sees some of her friends fly through the air over the lake, she’s convinced to give it a shot. She and Naomi go up together, which I’m sure helps. I’m also not great about heights, and I’ll freely admit parasailing looks pretty scary to me, but it also looks fun enough that I could probably be convinced if I was among friends. As cheesy as this whole storyline seems, Natalya reminds us that overcoming a deeply held fear can really be an empowering and joyful thing.

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