Tragedy Strikes Pro Wrestling As Supercop Dick Justice Gets Shot By A Referee With An Invisible Gun

Supercop Dick Justice is beloved here at With Spandex. At a recent Alpha 1 Wrestling event, Justice took on another With Spandex favorite, Scottish sensation Grado.

During the match, Justice pulled his patented finger gun, and in an ensuing scuffle, the firearm was confiscated by the referee. Showing an egregious lack of gun safety, the ref negligently discharges a round into Justice’s torso. Luckily, Justice managed to survive, probably thanks to his Supercop training, but this just highlights the dangers of finger guns.

Back in October, Chikara saw a terrible situation unfold when “Smooth Sailing” Ashley Remington accidentally shot Archibald Peck during an eight-man tag match.

The carnage didn’t end there, as Peck, enraged, pulled his own finger gun, but referee Bryce Remsburg valiantly dove in the path of the bullet, sparing Remington’s life.

I just want to know how much damage has to be done, how many lives lost, before we as a wrestling community take action, stand up, and demand that not just finger guns and invisible hand grenades, but all pantomime weaponry is banned in professional wrestling. Let’s make a difference.