UFC’s Travis Browne Couldn’t Have Been Prouder Of His ‘Brother’ Braun Strowman


WWE Elimination Chamber is in the books, and no one had a better time watching Sunday’s pay-per-view than the gaggle of UFC fighters who stopped by T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to take in the show.

Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez, obviously Ronda Rousey’s husband Travis Browne, and a few others were right up at ringside for the whole show, which was perhaps synergistic timing considering the viral tweet that Dana White sent out on Sunday that got people buzzing about a Brock Lesnar UFC return.

Browne and Cormier helped lead the “RONDA ROUSEY” chant at the beginning of her contract signing segment, but it seems like Browne might have had the most fun cheering on another massive bearded weirdo, as evidenced by this cell phone footage shot during the end of Strowman’s Elimination Chamber rampage.

When Strowman finally tossed Reigns through the Chamber pod, someone captured this video (shared on Instagram by Rousey), which features Browne going nuts, giving props to his “brother,” Strowman, and honestly probably the best camera work of the entire night.

Seriously, that reveal of Strowman yelling makes it seem like this was a WWE production. Also mega props to Cormier for looking as bored as possible while a human was tossed into a sheet of plexiglass. He’s seen it all, man! Maybe he’s just sad it wasn’t an intricate dropkick spot? Yeah, that was probably it.