Triple H And Shawn Michaels Teamed Up To Bury CM Punk During His WWE Tryout

Thanks for the warm welcome, dickhead. 

You don’t have to be a master of reading people to know CM Punk isn’t a big fan of Triple H, and it definitely seems like the bad feelings are mutual. Well, according to ex-WWE writer Court Bauer, the poisonous Triple H/CM Punk relationship began pretty much the second Punk walked into the company.

Back in 2005 Punk had a tryout with WWE, and according to Bauer, Triple H and Shawn Michaels went full DX on Punk, ripping him to shreds in their trademark high-larious way in front of both Vince McMahon and then head of talent relations, John Laurinaitis…

“One time, Triple H along with HBK buried CM Punk. I think it was his 2005 tryout. Maybe he didn’t know the name, and wasn’t familiar with who it was but they buried him. They annihilated his look and his work and I’m like ‘you just sunk the guy in front of the Chairman!’ They were shredding this poor guy.”

So yeah, if you’re ever in a cranky mood and tempted to make “he took his ball and went home” comments about Punk, just remember that the dude basically spent a decade living as the butt of a non-stop DX skit. I wouldn’t have survived one day.

You can listen to Bauer’s full podcast in which he made the above comments, right here.

via Wrestling Inc.