Triple H Broke Character During Raw To Make A Crying Child Feel Better

01.20.15 4 years ago 58 Comments
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On WWE Raw, Triple H is an evil COO and the head of The Authority, a group hellbent on making lives miserable for the company’s do-gooding wrestlers. On the Internet, he’s either a hero for his work in NXT or the literal Christian devil for the brutal, multiple-shovel-job burial of our favorite performers. He’s either a sinner or a saint. Tonight, we’ll push him a little closer to “saint.”

According to multiple sources at tonight’s show in Dallas, Triple H made a kid in the front row cry and immediately broke character to make it all better. Twitter user BCain_3 provided the play-by-play:

Triple H just made a kid sitting front row cry. He then apologized, rubbed the boys head, and gave him a smile.

The photo evidence from Twitter, by way of WNS.

Of course, the story has a happy ending.

Crying Kid Update: Security gathered the kid and his father and took them towards the backstage area as Raw went off air.

Sorry the Authority was mean to you, kid. Enjoy meeting Sting, I guess!

Normally, bad guys making kids cry at wrestling shows is the point. When I was a kid, I spent most of my time at shows crying about something unfair or scary, because when you’re a kid you’re supposed to be hyper emotional and all-in on the wrestling stories. Times are different now, though, and you never know if the kid was from Make-A-Wish or somebody’s relative. He did have front row seats, after all.

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