Triple H Chopped Crotch With A UFC Champion And Super Bowl Champion At The Same Time

Well, we just did a Chyna post, so let’s go full 1998 DX around here.

WWE’s foremost power couple, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, were at the Super Bowl this weekend and they snapped plenty of goofy pics to prove it. They also made the Patriots after party, and apparently Triple H managed to slip away from his weird-smiling wife just long enough to take some cool dude crotch chopping pics with UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones (a well-known crotch-chopping enthusiast) and his brother, Super Bowl champ Chandler Jones.

So yeah, I’m pretty sure this picture, courtesy of Jon Jones on Instagram, is the only one you’re likely to find featuring a WWE champ, UFC champ and Super Bowl champ all gesturing at their dongs in unison. It may continue to be the only such artifact for quite some time…


In other news, Triple H is also sending the Patriots a WWE Championship belt for their Super Bowl victory parade, because OKAY, WE GET IT, YOU LIKE FOOTBALL. Yeesh.

via Wrestling Inc. here & here