Triple H Was Vaguely Positive About The Idea Of Another WWE Evolution PPV

Last October, WWE ran Evolution, their first all-women PPV. Although the build left a lot to be desired, the show itself ended up being a lot of fun. At the time, I think we all assumed Evolution would likely become an annual event, but as 2018 turned to 2019 and October eventually rolled around again, it went unmentioned. In fact, Stephanie McMahon has been very evasive on the subject. Most fans who enjoyed Evolution 2018 have begun to lose faith that another one is coming.

However, in a new interview with Digital Spy, Triple H was directly asked if there would be another Evolution, and he was simultaneously positive and a little evasive:

I think so. This year has been such a transitional year with WWE that in the process of a lot of things happening like the switch to Fox, NXT going to USA, there’s been so many crazy things going on, part of the planning process of those things is us not having the bandwidth to do a few of the things that we would have liked to have done this year.

[Evolution] is still on the table, still up in the air as to what will happen and what will go down. I think it might be a little bit on a delay from when we would have liked to have done it, just because there’s only seven days in a week and 24 hours in the day. There’s only so much we can accomplish and have it be done correctly. You don’t want to half-ass it.

We’ll see in time whether this goes anywhere, or whether Trips was just being positive to appease fans. I personally would love to see another WWE Evolution, and if they could half-ass it even less than they did last time, it could be that much better.