Triple H Is The New Voice Of The Incredible Hulk Because Spider-Man Is A Lazy Millenial

Who needs to write a Marvel character when you can just become one?

Triple H put on his angry eyes and his Game face (get it? ehhh?) to record the voice of The Incredible Hulk for the new Marvel Experience touring attraction. It’s important to note that though similar, this isn’t to be confused with the interactive Wolfpac/DX WrestleMania Axxess event Walking With Dinosaurs.

The attraction — which has just begun touring — invites visitors to train and join up with heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man and The Avengers’ green, gamma-irradiated powerhouse across seven colossal domes on a mission to save the planet from the evil organization Hydra.

The Marvel Experience features an exclusive 360-degree projection dome, an immersive motion ride, state-of-the-art 2-D and 3-D projection and appearances by 26 of Marvel’s most exciting heroes. –

When writing it up, I can only imagine the writers sweating profusely whispering Don’t say Thor, don’t say Thor, don’t say Thor…