Triple H And Jinder Mahal Will Face Off In ‘The Biggest Match In India’s History’

Is India ready? Is Jinder Mahal ready? Those are the questions that Triple H posed on Twitter when he issued a challenge for a match against Mahal when WWE goes on tour there in December. This is coming on the heels of Mahal losing the WWE Championship to AJ Styles this past week on Smackdown, which provided Smackdown with an increase in TV ratings.

There are two WWE Raw live events in New Delhi, India at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium on Friday, December 8 and Saturday, December 9. Mahal is working the shows along with the Singh Brothers because they are of Indian descent even though they are Smackdown wrestlers. It’s easy to see why WWE would make an exception. The match between Triple H and Mahal was agreed upon for the December 9 show.

Here is the challenge tweet from Triple H in which he called it the “Biggest Match in India’s History.” That tweet is followed by the reply tweet from Mahal.

No word yet on who Mahal will face on the December 8 show. For people thinking that it may be new WWE Champion AJ Styles, he hasn’t been advertised for the India shows, so it seems unlikely at this point.

As for who wins this match in India, I think Mahal will go over and I doubt Triple H has a problem putting him over. It’s a nice treat for the fans in India to see a legend like Triple H in action.