Triple H Has The Highest Possible Praise For Seth Rollins

Senior Editor, Sports
06.22.17 2 Comments


When he’s not weighing in on the McGregor vs. Mayweather superfight or running NXT, Triple H is usually gearing up for the biggest possible match he can be in. I mean, I’m sure he has other jobs, too. Probably some sort of protein spokesperson, or something. Anyway, his only match so far this year was a two-years-or-so-in-the-making bout against his former protege, Seth Rollins.

You probably won’t be surprised that Triple H has a pretty damn high opinion of the man he hand-selected to be his onscreen surrogate son.

During a recent visit to Sky Sports, Triple H sang the praises of Rollins, who he believes is not only the present of THIS BUSINESS, but also the future of THIS BUSINESS. (Transcript via Wrestling Inc.)

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