Triple H Blows Off Some Steam Ahead Of SummerSlam By Putting Jimmy Fallon Through A Desk

Jimmy Fallon and Triple H are somewhat divisive entertainment figures that live under the same gold-plated NBC Universal brand umbrella, so why not make the most of an excellent opportunity for corporate synergy when the WWE’s in the metropolitan area to visit? Both NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III and SummerSlam already have settles to score this weekend, anyway. Quite possibly too many.

Friday’s edition of The Tonight Show featured Fallon tackling his seemingly never-ending list of thank you notes to people, things, fads and general concepts because Fallon believes in that sort of etiquette. LITTLE DID HE KNOW that the WWE’s “Cerebral Assassin” (a name earned largely because Triple H is pretty much the only guy that’s figured out sledgehammers hurt) was lurking about in a bid for instant revenge. Fallon had a silly little play on Triple H and Preparation H which naturally meant “Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy” would be destroyed instantly by Triple H. Getting slammed through the centerpiece of his set might be Fallon getting off light. He could have unleashed the menacing Pedigree or talked him into appearing in The Chaperone 2. You got out easy, Jimbo!

As we all wait patiently on top of our crumbled desks, why not get a refresher on what’s to come with this weekend’s NXT Takeover and SummerSlam action?