Triple H Is Supporting West Ham United Because Of Sledgehammers

Senior Editor, Sports


Triple H hasn’t been on WWE television in a while, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t keeping plenty busy. He has a great many jobs, you know. In addition to being WWE’s executive vice president of talent, live events and creative, he also runs NXT and is in charge of sending sports teams and athletes custom championship belts when they win league titles.

One team that probably isn’t going to win a league title any time soon (and we’re really sorry about that, Irons fans, but I’m pretty sure you know the score) is West Ham United F.C., who will kick off their Premier League season on Sunday with a game against Manchester United, which should be … interesting. Yes, let’s go with interesting.

To hype up the start of the REAL football season (and SummerSlam also, I guess) on Sky Sports in England, Triple H was tapped to give West Ham’s supporters a rousing pep talk, while flanked by a personalized West Ham kit. It’s a very good pep talk, marred only by H appearing to forget the word “Brooklyn” for the merest fraction of an instant.

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