Two Former WWE Superstars Returned To The Company At This Week’s NXT Tapings

WWE’s roster is a bit thin at the moment, to the point this week’s SmackDown script was just a Post-it with “Send Daniel Bryan out to stall” written on it. Thankfully, it seems like WWE may be looking to flesh things out with some solid hands from their past.

Proceed no further if you don’t want any details from the next four weeks of NXT tapings…


Rhyno made a surprise appearance at this week’s NXT tapings, beating Elias Samson quickly with a Gore. In an interesting twist, he also made an appearance during a Balor backstage segment and made meaningful eye contact. According to reports, Rhyno wore a shirt and was maybe a bit out of shape, but his wrestling was still up to par. The other past name to return during the tapings was Brian Kendrick, who worked a match again Finn Bálor, which sounds like something I’d like to see. Rhyno will be on next week’s episode of NXT, and Kendrick will be on the episode two weeks from now.

It’s unclear what role these two returning stars will play. Are they just shaking off some rust in NXT en route to giving the anemic main roster an infusion? Personally, as I’ve laid out previously, I think it would be a great idea to have a permanent NXT roster made up of older talent who can work with new guys without the expectation of being called up, so maybe/hopefully something like that is happening with Rhyno and Kendrick.

What do you folks think about the returns? Good idea? Or are they going to get their old man stink on NXT? Also, if Kendrick is back, dare we dream of Paul London returning to a WWE ring as well?

via What Culture