Buy Tyler Breeze’s Ring Gear On Ebay Or Forever Be An Uggo

Salaries for WWE (and even more so, NXT) superstars and divas aren’t always as much as many people think.

As evidence of this, Prince Pretty himself Tyler Breeze is taking steps toward providing a little side income for himself by selling his old NXT ring gear on Ebay.

The current bid is just a low $255 (plus $18 in shipping, can’t forget those shipping charges), and if you’re the winning bidder, you could receive signed peach ring gear worn by Breeze on NXT. The set includes The King of Cuteville’s “wrist gauntlet’s with husky fur vest,” belt, phone case (perfect for selfies obviously), and boot tassels.

Unless you’re super into collecting wrestling memorabilia or whatever, it’s probably not usually worth it to buy ring gear on Ebay, but this is a pretty large exception. I mean Halloween is right around the corner and  you and your date could hit up Manhattan as Tyler Breeze and the Statue of Liberty. The perfect couples costume.

Oh and if you’re wondering if it’s really Breeze selling the items, he tweeted a direct link to it. No word at this time on what seasonal residence Breeze was inhabiting while he was sporting the gear.

(Via Ebay)