Tyson Fury Won’t Stop Calling Out Drew McIntyre For A WWE Championship Match

Drew McIntyre has held the WWE Championship for 51 days (or 61 days, depending on if you count from the day his WrestleMania match was taped or when it aired). In that time, he’s successfully defended his title against the Big Show, Andrade and Seth Rollins, and is currently gearing up for his championship match against Bobby Lashley at Payback on June 14. But his name keeps ending up in one loosely WWE-affiliated athlete’s mouth: Tyson Fury.

The Gypsy King and the Scottish Psychopath exchanged words via social media back in April, and everyone presumably figured that would be the end of it. But in a new interview with BT Sport, Fury not only talked up McIntyre again — he said he wanted a WWE Championship match in the U.K.:

“I’m a big, big fan. He’s absolutely in fantastic shape. A real good-looking fella. He may be able to teach me a few beauty tips and a few wrestling moves, who knows? But I did see him talking about a big British fight. For sure, if WWE comes to the United Kingdom and they want a massive pay-per-view event, then look no further than the Gypsy King vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE belt.”

While Fury might want a championship match, it’s unlikely to happen in the United Kingdom any time soon: WWE has been canceling or rescheduling all their international tours for 2020, including a European trek that would’ve been going on this month.