Tyson Kidd Receives Well-Wishes From The Rock, Cesaro And More After Successful Surgery

As we reported earlier this week, Tyson Kidd was going to be undergoing spinal fusion surgery after suffering an injury during an non-televised match with Samoa Joe. Well, the surgery was late Wednesday, and word has since emerged that it was a complete success. Since then, Tyson received some visits and well-wishes from his fellow wrestlers.

The first guy to show up was Titus O’Neil. Apparently, his coolness extends beyond the dad thing.


Of course, his fellow swinging cat, Cesaro also made an appearance.

Tyson even got some inspiring well-wishes from The Rock…

Sadly, nobody brought Tyson a rotisserie chicken, but that aside, it looks like he’ll have plenty of support on his road to recovery.


via MTV