Tyson Kidd Has Taken On A New Role With WWE

Tyson Kidd suffered a tragic and career-ending injury during a dark match against Samoa Joe almost exactly two years ago. The injury came extremely close to being fatal, and speculation right from the outset was that Kidd would never wrestle again. While his injury was part of a season five Total Divas storyline, Tyson (or TJ, as he’s known on the show) was removed from the cast during the most recent sixth season of Total Divas, and didn’t make a single appearance, despite his wife Natalya remaining a central part of the show.

It appears WWE is not about to let the talent and brilliant wrestling mind of Tyson Kidd go to waste, as Dave Meltzer reports in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Kidd has transitioned into a new backstage role with the company.

Kidd will be serving as a producer (a role which in the past has been referred to as “agent”), where he will help put matches together and produce segments of WWE television.

What’s more, Kidd will be returning to Total Divas in season seven, which is unbelievably welcome news for any human who has ever beheld this wonderful, cat-loving man joyously feeding an ostrich, or taking the world’s most sarcastic bite from a burrito.

Welcome back, TJ. We missed you dearly and we’re overjoyed you’re doing well.