Here’s Super Slow Motion Footage Of Brock Lesnar Body Slamming Mark Hunt At UFC 200

Contributing Writer

UFC 200 was an action packed night full of fast paced violence and several crazy finishes. So it’s nice that the UFC slows things down a bit after the event with Fight Motion videos featuring footage filmed with super slow motion Phantom cameras capable of capturing 5,000 frames per second.

This video recaps a lot of great moments from the event, including Joe Lauzon’s pummeling of Diego Sanchez, Sage Northcutt’s stubborn escape from a fully extended armbar, and TJ Dillashaw’s takedown fakeout to head kick combo. Cain Velasquez’s spinning heel kick on Travis Browne is also there, and can we take a second to note how freaking impressive it is that a 240 pound man is throwing kicks right out of a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie?



Brock Lesnar’s hauling around of Super Samoan Mark Hunt gets even more impressive when slowed down. Lesnar goes airborne when pulling Hunt’s legs out from underneath him on slams.



Every shot Mark takes from the WWE superstar sends ripples across his body like a stone thrown in a lake. It just reaffirms a position I think everyone already shares: you don’t want to get punched by Brock Lesnar.

For more flesh rippling, ear wiggling, face distorting UFC phantom cam footage, treat yourself to this clip which has all the best slow motion moments caught by the camera over last year.

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