The Young Bucks Are Still Feuding With Daniel Cormier And The MMA World

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Daniel Cormier vs. the Young Bucks is the MMA vs. pro wrestling feud no one knew they wanted or needed, and it seems like that’s still the case. Their back-and-forth began in earnest when Cormier called out a particular spot-heavy sequence that involved a large number of dropkicks thrown. The Bucks responded, Cormier declared his love of old-school, stiff wrestling, and now it has devolved into a comparison of paychecks.

Here’s the clip that started this whole mess:

Cormier talking continued trash about the Young Bucks on The MMA Hour, which didn’t sit well with some fans. It’s almost as if he can’t live with a style of wrestling that he does not care for. This led to someone tweeting about Cormier’s hatred of many dropkicks, which saw Nick Jackson slide into the comment section:

MMA fans joined in for some good old-fashioned MMA vs. pro wrestling arguments, saying Cormier could beat up the Bucks if he wanted to (as if that lends any credence to the discussion whatsoever).

The only thing about Cormier flaunting his paychecks is that he’s only recently made decent money, and it’s all thanks to his feud with Jon Jones, which saw him lose twice.

Traditionally, Cormier hasn’t been a draw for the UFC, and ironically, many fans hate his “boring style” that saw him lay on Anderson Silva for the better part of 15 minutes at UFC 200, and nullify Dan Henderson with spammed takedowns until he subbed him. That’s possibly why he’s the co-main event in what might be the least hyped light heavyweight title fight in UFC history.

Why Cormier would even publicly keep this non-issue going is pretty weird. Maybe he’s just gearing up for a job change once his career is over and this is all a work. Cormier did defeat Josh Barnett back in Strikeforce, so maybe they can have a rematch, with the Young Bucks as special referees?