UFC Fan Favorite Roy Nelson Would ‘Love’ To Work With WWE

After showing off his aerial moves during open workouts, a very sweaty “Big Country” Roy Nelson chatted with reporters about UFC Fight Night, Derrick Lewis, and, of course, whether the heavyweight would be the latest to trade jiu jitsu for pro wrestling:

The big story this weekend is Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC. Have you thought about crossing the aisle the other way and trying to get Vince McMahon’s contract and reach out and be a crossover star?

I would love to go to WWE! But uh, I think in our contracts we’re not allowed to do that. There’s some people who get that little bit of extra leeway, but now I that everyone’s kinda goin’ that way I might as well try it. I’ll talk to Dana [White] and be like “Hey, can we do this?”

That “leeway” was extended to MMA megastar Ronda Rousey for her appearance at WrestleMania 31, where she backed up The Rock then tossed Triple H ass over teakettle. That also applies to Brock “Can Do Whatever The F*ck He Wants” Lesnar, who will be fighting at UFC 200 while still under contract with WWE. Lesnar is set to fight Mark Hunt, a match-up Nelson can see going either way:

If [Hunt] puts his hands on him I think it’s gonna be over, but if Brock gets that big, you know, power takedown, you got a … 275-pound man that cuts, it’s a butt and half to try to and get up.

‘A butt and a half’ is the technical MMA term, I assume.

Nelson will face off against Derrick Lewis at UFC Fight Night 90 in Las Vegas on July 7.

h/t Wrestling, Inc