The Undertaker Showed Up In Cleveland To Support The Cavs, And He Looks Great

If you were worried that you’d never see WWE legend The Undertaker wrestle again following a reported hip surgery and those pictures of him walking with crutches, this’ll make you feel better. The Undertaker just showed up in full gimmick at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland to support the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he looks the best he has in years.

Not a lot of context for Taker’s appearance is available so far, but here’s your first look. Maybe he’s there for the free ice cream. Maybe he wants to cheer on the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. Maybe he wants to Tombstone Carmelo Anthony? Take your pick:

The man looks so good we originally thought these were old pictures, or like someone had wheeled his wax statue into the Q.

Taker showing up to show his undead supernatural zombie mortician support makes sense, after LeBron James wore an Undertaker shirt before NBA Finals practice and Kyrie Irving formally became the “Ankletaker.” If the Knicks want to win this game, they’re really gonna have to urn it.

If the Undertaker wouldn’t mind wandering over to Progressive Field after he’s done boosting for the Cavs and shock the Chicago Cubs starting lineup with lightning, we’d appreciate it.

Update: We have a reason!

Update 2: And we have a plethora of videos of him meeting the Cavs!

This is all strange and wonderful. It should also be noted that Undertaker is being accompanied by Ultimate Warrior’s family, which is a nod to another shirt that LeBron wore during the Cavs’ championship celebration.