Donald Trump’s RNC Entrance Is Even Better With The Undertaker’s Entrance Theme

Donald Trump is already a WWE Hall of Famer and he’s clotheslined Vince McMahon at a WrestleMania, so this isn’t much of a leap. It even happened on a Monday night.

Trump’s entrance at yesterday’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland was the stuff of WWE legend, so much so that it reminded any wrestling fans and/or probably McMahon family members watching of The Undertaker’s entrance at WrestleMania XXIX. The Dead Man was set to face CM Punk and entered through a foggy field of desperate hell zombies. Something something, the Republican National Convention.

Here are the two entrances mashed up, because the Internet. We think it works so much better. We just also really wish Herman Cain was his running mate, and that he’d walked on stage through hellfire and brimstone.