The Undertaker Hanging Out In Jerry Jones’ Office Is The WrestleMania 32 Image You Needed

At WrestleMania 32, The Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon in a high-stakes Hell in a Cell match via Tombstone piledriver slash crazy cage-diving insanity. There are rumors going around that it might’ve been Undertaker’s last match, but those rumors have popped up before. Besides, why have him win a match to save his career if the match is going to end his career?

If it was Taker’s last stand, he left us with one of the great behind the scenes images of WrestleMania: The Undertaker chilling in the office of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Via Michelle McCool’s Instagram:

As a reminder, McCool’s Instagram is the leading source for behind the scenes photos of The Undertaker and his infinite collection of combat sports t-shirts.

There are also a few great shots of The Undertaker’s kids (holding stacks of Shane McMahon money that fell from the ceiling before the match) cheering on their dad after his victory.

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"Daddy, daddy, daddy…." 💙

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How great must it be to tell people your dad is The Undertaker? How hard must it be to convince them? How many times in those kids’ lifetimes is he gonna gear up and drive to their school in a hearse just to make them look like the coolest kids in the world?

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