The Undertaker Finally Returned To Answer John Cena’s Challenge At WrestleMania 34

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One of the big stories heading into this year’s WrestleMania has been Free Agent John Cena’s quest for a “road” to the show and a series of challenges to the probably retired Undertaker. The two have a long and winding history together, and fans (including us) still assumed the John Cena vs. The Undertaker “dream match” would happen at WrestleMania despite a month of them saying it wouldn’t. Because why would they talk about it so much if they weren’t gonna do anything?

Cena made good on his promise to give up his Road to WrestleMania and attend the show as a fan, showing up in the crowd in street clothes and hanging out. Early in the show, a referee gave Cena news that caused him to hop the rail and run up the ramp to the back. Cena returned later in the night in his ring gear only to find out that his opponent was not the Undertaker, but Elias. Cena quickly dispatched Elias and thought that was the end of his night, but as he was leaving, the lights went out.

In the ring: Undertaker’s hat and jacket from his WrestleMania 33. With no armed guard to protect it this time, the gear was struck by lightning destroyed. In its place, entering from the stage, the Deadman himself, for the match Cena’d been begging for.


The match itself — and yes, they had an actual match, unannounced, at WrestleMania — ended quicker than anyone could’ve expected, with Undertaker dominating and finishing Cena off with a Tombstone Piledriver. No idea if this will end up being a one-off post-“retirement” appearance to give the Undertaker a better send-off than the match against Roman Reigns or if Undertaker is back semi-regularly as a part-timer, but it was great to see him looking like his old self again, and the crowd loved every minute of it.

Check out the finish below.

Another unforgettable moment from one of the best WrestleManias in memory.

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