The Undertaker And Kane Were Once A Terrifying Dominoes Team As Well

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The Undertaker is never far from the minds of pro wrestling fans, and by extension neither is his brother, Kane. Especially this month, as Kane is in the main event of the Royal Rumble and just became an attempted murder victim of Braun Strowman, and Undertaker will be coming back at Raw 25, possibly to challenge some poor unfortunate soul at WrestleMania.

But did you know they were also once the Brothers of Destruction at … dominoes, as well? It seems the Undertaker is good at throwing all TYPES of bones, not just soup bones!

Pete Gas, best known as a former member of the Mean Street Posse, appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast to talk about his days in WWE. He and Roberts discussed a variety of topics, including Sunday Night Heat and working stiff at WrestleMania , but the most memorable tale had to be his story about playing dominoes with the Undertaker and Kane.

Gas says he and the Godfather became a dominoes team, and “would just play for hours” against Rikishi and Prince Albert and the Brothers of Destruction (Domino-struction? Demonoes?) He relates this story from his book, Looking Up at the Lights: My Path from a Nobody to a Wrestling Heel.

“Every time Kane threw a domino in this one specific game I was scoring points off him. And Taker was fueling the fire on Kane … He was just getting on him, saying stuff like, ‘What are you doing letting a rich kid do this? … You’re letting this kid from Greenwich do this?’ So I’m scoring off him, I’m scoring off him, and Papa — the Godfather, he’s just feeding me, he’s helping me … We’re blowing them out. Kane looks at me and he has the dominoes in his hands and he goes, ‘If you score on me again, I will chase you, and I’m going to beat your ass … ‘

“So he puts his domino down, and I’m holding my dominoes and I’m looking at them, and I look over at Papa … Taker knows. He knows. And I’m just delaying it, right? So I wound up and I slammed it, and I said ‘Domino, mother-effer!’ And I ran. Boom, I was gone.

“He chased me. We were upstairs, downstairs, running around the arena, and I’m laughing because I think he’s going to stop eventually. He wouldn’t stop! And he caught me! … He pounded me … It was fun, though.”

Maybe Braun should psych out Kane before the Rumble by kicking his ass at dominoes. That’s a Kickoff match that everyone can get behind.

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