Jerry Lawler Thinks Undertaker Looks ‘Too Good’ To Be Retired

Pretty much ever since the moment The Undertaker sank back down into the depths of the ramp at WrestleMania 33, fans and wrestlers alike have been loudly speculating (perhaps mostly hoping) that we haven’t ACTUALLY seen the last of the Dead Man, and that he’s not REALLY retired.

There was speculation that perhaps Undertaker would be coming back as soon as Survivor Series for another match, but of course that didn’t happen.

It’s entirely possible (perhaps even likely) that Undertaker is done for good and is just preparing for his eventual induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. But we all know how difficult it is for longtime major stars to say goodbye to the sport. Especially when they had previously been on the once- or twice-a-year schedule for as long as Undertaker has been.

During his time away since WrestleMania, Taker hasn’t had a whole lot to do except focus on being healthy and enjoying life. He may have had a surgery during his downtime, and he’s been spotted out at events like the premiere of Ric Flair’s 30 for 30. And as it turns out, he WAS at Survivor Series, just not as a performer.

During the most recent episode of Jerry Lawler’s podcast, Lawler talked about seeing Taker at the Series, and that he’s in spectacular shape. In the King’s estimation, Undertaker isn’t done wrestling just yet.

“I think he might have looked too good. I think when you get when you hang around or you show up and you look that good, they in the WWE, they’re ready for you to come back. You know, closer to the time after WrestleMania and I think I said that I believe we’ve seen the last of Undertaker in the ring. Now, I’m going to I’m going to go back on my word. Just looking at him the other night, I think there are some more matches left in the Undertaker.

“So there’s a TV and monitor to watch the show. There were three seats. Three chairs in front of the monitor and I was sitting in the one on the left-hand side and in the middle now, to my right, sitting next to me, was Undertaker. And to his right sitting next to him was Kane.

“We were all just sitting here watching the show talking about old times and stuff, and all of a sudden, the door happened to be open. All of a sudden, we saw John Cena. He went past the door and glanced in, and then he just went past. Suddenly we saw him backing up, he just backed up, and he looked in at the three of us sitting there – and he said, ‘that’s pretty cool.’ And he just walked on.”

Of course, as always, this is just one fellow wrestler’s opinion, but if anyone would be a good judge of knowing when someone isn’t ready to hang it up, it’s probably Jerry “literally wrestled this past weekend at age 67” Lawler.