Watch The Undertaker’s Surprise Return To WWE The Night After WrestleMania 35


Only one night after getting interrupted and beaten up by a long dead WWE character, Elias’ performance on the Raw after WrestleMania was interrupted by its deadest: The Undertaker.

After appearing in some of the advertising for WrestleMania, reportedly agreeing to compete at the next Saudi Arabia show, and posting about his recent weight loss on social media, rumors were flying about the dead man’s inevitable return to the biggest event of the year. He didn’t show up, though, and we got our first WrestleMania without Taker in years.

On Raw, Elias announced that the next person who interrupted his musical performance would be a dead man, which proved a little too on-the-nose for the Phenom. You can watch the moment below:

To his credit, Elias puffed up his chest and decided to stay in the ring and make good on his word by confronting his interrupter, but … yeah, it didn’t work out too well for him. A big boot and a Tombstone piledriver later, Elias was a kimono-covered stain in the center of the ring.

No word yet on why Undertaker wanted to interrupt a John Cena battle rap response. Maybe Elias should learn Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dead Man Walkin’.’