The Undertaker Gave The Texas Longhorns A Pep Talk From The Dark Side

Pro Wrestling Editor


Stories don’t get much more Texas than “The Undertaker hung out with the Texas Longhorns football team.” It needs Willie Nelson standing in the background singing Deep in the Heart of Texas while everyone eats breakfast tacos.

But that’s your story, folks. WWE’s undead wizard who earned his mystical powers thanks to a dark magic cult and the ritualistic murder of three innocent young girls who was also once a nu-metal loving biker stopped by a Longhorns practice to talk passion, work ethic and, I’m assuming, dog size and how that correlates to local yard ownership. Here’s the clip via Sports Illustrated, by way of the Texas Football Twitter.

It’s not quite as cool as him showing up in full gimmick to support the Cleveland Cavaliers, but what is?

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